Toronto Summers.

Toronto summers are pretty special and I’m starting to understand how people can just forget about those ridiculous winters once they’re in this heat. It’s strange because it just feels like the minute the last frost melts away, everything wakes up again. People crawl out of their hibernation holes, flowers start blooming, the patios open up, and street festivals pop up everywhere. I haven’t blogged all summer, so here’s a little recap of the summer so far!


^^ Did the Nike Women’s 15K which was so much fun even though I couldn’t convince anyone to do it with me. It was an amazing experience–awkward photos and all!^^

11328874_10153254526750020_1738842557_n 11541141_10153254526830020_12138140_n

^^Clam caesars (ew) and lake swims with Miss Bennington^^


^^Getting to see Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Southpaw premiere. They introduced the movie and watched it with us in the theater…so cool. Thanks for the tickets Adrienne!^^


20150620_194113 20150620_194102

^^Watching a Toronto vs. New York soccer game because Chris got free tickets through work ^^


^^The Scarborough Bluffs^^

20150626_123050 20150709_095011

^^Potluck at work.^^


^^What we do at parks on Sunday nights^^20150606_16304411780548_10101434599318471_545135054_n20150710_225119 20150710_211756

^^Panam fireworks and beach volleyball games^^

Life was good until I did this to myself during a soccer game:


At least now I understand why you’re always told to stretch before you play sports. 20150722_113822

^^I’m very good at feeling sorry for myself and this is my current state. But things aren’t so bad because I have discovered that Chris can make really pretty fruit bowls^^

So that was my summer recap so far! Hopefully I won’t be gimp for too long because we still have so many things to cross off the Toronto list 😦


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