I 8 New York.

Right after my last exam (this was back in April), I took off to New York to eat, explore, and catch up with my globe trotting friend– Miss Plessis. It was my first time and I just couldn’t get over how incredible that city was! Thanks to all the romantic comedies I watch (cla$$y) and blogs I read, it felt familiar but it was still better than I ever could’ve imagined.

I was there for a little over a week and it was so much fun because my roommate had decided to go for a couple days as well. My first day in NY was spent catching up with Isabelle in Central Park, drinking Prosecco in the art galleries, and going to my first American baseball game. We bailed early on the game though because baseball gets so boring after an hour! Sorry Mon…

Anyways, this post will be dedicated to the food that we ate in New York.

The first thing that I ate was a bagel. Cliché, I know, but the bagels at Absolute Bagels were just too delicious.

20150425_102920 20150425_102925 20150426_124047

**I didn’t start taking pictures until Chris arrived a few days later, but I ate a bagel on my own in a park on my first day. I still feel a bit sorry for myself when I eat alone, but I’ve almost conquered that fear.

The next best thing we ate was the Neopolitan pizza at Juliana’s in Brooklyn. This pizza was by far the best that I have ever had–we still talk about it! The hot dog at the Mets game was disgusting though.

20150422_195237 20150422_194053 20150425_190552

Next, Magnolia Bakery cake which we ate in Washington Square Park.

20150425_123530 20150425_125420 20150425_130659

The cake, even though it was pretty, was dry and so not worth it (that smile was fake). The jazz in the background made the experience worth it though.

There was also Shake Shack, Doughnut Plant, and The Halal Guys

20150423_182751 20150426_183410 20150427_150752

Shake Shack is so good and it’s worth the line–get the frozen custard and/or black and white milkshake. The Doughnut Plant was creative but overrated. For me, nothing beats Lee’s in Granville Island. But The Halal Guys were incredible. Such cheap street food with massive portions!

**I can’t stop laughing at that creepy picture of Chris with his halal. I need to take better pics.

And that’s what we ate in New York!


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