Month: November 2013


It took us 5 months, but we have finally found some beautiful trails to walk through. There is a network of trails hidden behind (or on?) someone’s property and we had fun exploring them yesterday in the snow. We also found an ice rink!

Ice Rink



I want to work for Lululemon.

It makes me nervous just thinking about it because I want to work for them so badly…that’s a good sign, right? I feel like it is a place that I would be inspired, motivated, and fulfilled because they have such an incredible community with people that are doing everything they can to live a life that brings them happiness. I need a community like this in a career that I choose. I am not motivated by money, and ‘things’ have never made me feel satisfied. I have always been the type of person that questions, analyzes, and dissects every decision that I have ever made and a lot of self-reflection goes through my head on a daily basis. But I have learned a lot about myself from moving up here to this different world. It took stripping away everything that is familiar to show me what brings happiness to my life.

Goal setting is in integral part of the Lululemon culture and I feel the need to set some concrete goals so that I have a sense of direction. They are already in my head, but thoughts on paper are a lot less jumbled and the goal setting spreadsheet outlines everything nicely.

I will start with the bare bones of what makes me happy:

1. Ocean…with waves to surf.
2. Pools.
3. Mountains.
4. Clean air.
5. Trees.
6. Yoga ❤
7. Quality relationships.

The rest of my goal-setting plan is in process…

When I look at this list, all signs point to Vancouver. I must be homesick! If I do end up moving back to my city, it won’t be for another year but I think that this is a good thing. The more time that I spend away from it, the more I find myself missing it and realizing that it really is the place where I belong. Maybe not right this moment, but eventually I will want to go back. When I visualize my life in 10 years, I need it to include everything that is on my list and I am going to do everything I can to become a Planner at the Lululemon SSC in Vancouver.

It is time to start putting my plan into action 🙂


top of fraser mountain, bc


A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to be vegan until Christmas with the possibility of committing to this lifestyle longer if I liked it. This means that I have had to cut out anything that comes from an animal-butter, eggs, ice cream, milk, meat etc. I decided to try this out because I was inspired by Angela from Oh She Glows. She has incredible recipes one her site and I LOVE going through them all. It’s like a whole new world for me and I’m becoming quite the cook…which is impressive because my cooking up to now has been very questionable.

Since becoming vegan, I have felt so great! That was until yesterday when we were in Prince George and I had an overwhelming, all consuming desire to make a highly important pit stop to…


i’m lovin’ it

I guess it’s safe to say that when I ‘cheat’, I really go down with the ship.

But no regrets. That quarter pounder with cheese was absolutely incredible.


This weekend, I got to do something that I have always wanted to do…walk into a snowy, pristine, wooded forest and pick the perfect Christmas tree. I felt like we were settlers like Laura Ingalls walking into the middle of nowhere and living off the land. I know it’s just a Christmas tree and not hunting or building a house with your bare hands, but it felt so cool! After cleaning our entire house to prepare for the impending Christmas holiday explosion, we bundled up, grabbed our axe, and wandered into the woods just outside of our house. It started snowing when we were out there and it felt magical as we walked through the snow singing Christmas carols in opera voices-no one was around so we couldn’t resist.


found the cutest little tree for our room

Edited Image

my very first freshly cut tree…true love

Frosty Branches

i love the frosty branches in this winter wonderland

Tree with a star

what a champ with that superstar tree


“pose with the tree and your axe’

Tree Edit

now we get to come home to this everyday

I am officially starting to feel Christmassy ! I woke up early today to make eggnog lattes so that we could drink them with our tree before work. I also can’t wait to do some yoga with my tree in the background tonight…am I starting to sound psycho? Maybe a little…

Oh well, it’s time to get CHRISTMASSY!!!



This weekend, it was el Christoph’s birthday! I usually get way too excited about birthdays and I have spent the last 2 years trying to convince Blais that birthdays are the best days of the year. It’s the one time when everything is about you and you don’t have to feel selfish! Birthdays were always HUGE in my family. We would always wake up to the kitchen being completely decorated with presents, candles, balloons and our age on the window, the candy pig would be full, pancakes would be made and music would be playing…they were the best (thanks m & d). We even got one present each when it was not our birthday just so that we wouldn’t be left out. I always feel so happy on my birthday and it just feels like the day glows. I even find it weird when people on the bus or strangers on the street don’t know it’s my day…I just want to tell everyone. Do I sound self-absorbed?

Anyways, it was Chris’ 25 birthday and he was going to be excited about it…or else.

We started his birthday weekend with a drunken night out in Prince George. There is only one club in PG, and that’s the Generator. We got lots of tequila shots and had a good time with the Harlem Globe Trotters. The next morning was really rough, but we had big plans. After I gave him his present (a really nice hiking pack from MEC, perfect for traveling!) we went out for a birthday breakfast to BURGER KING. Sounds really disgusting and trashy but it was amazing. I have never enjoyed fast food so much. We then bought some supplies and started our trek up to Raven Lake which is a hike just outside of PG. There is a really cute little cabin up there that is supplied with firewood, candles, weed, shrooms, and everything necessary for survival. It was a Sunday night so we were the only one’s there. Since I was so hideously hungover, I pretty much crawled up the hill with Blais coaching me along. But we finally made it after hiking in the freezing dark for awhile (sketchy, I know…) and it was snowing and perfect and gorgeous. We made Sprague and kept the little fire in the cabin going all night. The temperatures got down to -7C so we needed it.


BK brekkie! where else would we go in PG?


just thrilled to be buying his first sleeping bag




It was a fabulous weekend. Happy Birthday CB!