Month: October 2013


We didn’t really have plans for Halloween this year. There are not too many people our age in FL so I wasn’t expecting too much. We found out last minute that there was a party happening at the arena in town so threw some costumes together, gathered our friends, and had a good time! The party was held in a small room above the ice rinks so it wasn’t like a club or anything…but when you have a live band, Joel, good people, and lots of drinks, anything can be fun.

I dressed up as a trailer trash teen mom…maybe not the best choice considering where I am, but I think people like it! Everyone was touching my ‘belly’ and some people even thought it was real. I guess the beer that I was drinking wasn’t a clear enough sign that I wasn’t really preggers?


teen mom with batman and michael jackson


pre-drinking with my canadians


ya, we’re kla$$y

We had to work the next day on the real Halloween, but we were still able to decorate our house quickly and hand out candy to the 10 children that came to out door. Apparently the mining apartments aren’t trick-or-treating hot spots. Maybe it’s because we live across from a graveyard at the other end of town? Or no one in our section even decorated their houses? I don’t know why kids stay away…

After the candy giving, we ran down the to beach to watch the fireworks that the local firemen put on. They were amazing! I was sooo impressed. They even had this massive bonfire going to keep everyone warm. Cozy cozy cozy times! It’s so weird here though. We all live about a 10 minute walk from the lake because the town is so small, but literally everyone drove. It wasn’t even that cold out but people still had to drive. There was traffic! I hate driving so much…I will never fit in here.


come get your candy lil chiddles

Happy Halloween!



Last week, I drove back up to Fraser Lake with my parents. we survived the 10+ hour drive, but unfortunately, my mom’s Mercedes was not so lucky. we had to leave that silver fox in Williams Lake and we traded her in for a more reliable car. Sorry Mercedes!

The ridiculously long drive wasn’t so bad because I got quality time with les parentals and they got to see what my life has been like for the past few months. We split the trip up with a visit to our friend’s place where we spent the evening drinking a lot of wine and looking at old austrian WWII photos. We even got to hang out with some beautiful (but intimidating) horses! In FL, I got to show them the entire town (didn’t take long) and we went for a sunset wine walk.  It is beautiful up here!

you can’t tell from this picture, but we were terrified

fraser lake sunsets

wine walks

i blinked but it’s my only pic with them

It was so nice to have my parents get a glimpse of my small town life. They loved our place and loved the town…they pretty much have a good time wherever they go but I’m so glad that they liked it here. My mom was not impressed with the state of our overgrown, grassy field of a garden, but oh well! She loved our house and that means so much to me coming from her. She is the queen of cozy.

Thanks for the visit M & D!