Week 25 Bump Update

How far along?

25 weeks! Baby you’re a papaya.

Maternity clothes?

Old Navy tank dresses, Reitman’s pants, align pants and shirts tied on top of them. Girl’s night. Vans and Doc Martens sandals ✌️

Stretch marks?

No. Almond oil twice a day


I wake up randomly throughout the night, but I fall asleep right away. Chris has been in Europe for the past 10 days and I can’t wait to have him back with me.

Best moment this week

So many!! Watching Catherine defend her PhD. Catching up with Anna. Jasmine’s going away party. Mother’s Day! Everyone touching my bump. Feeling Finn get stronger and moving around 🙂 OH and the shower works!!!

Miss anything?

I am so homesick for Chris. Feel beyond lucky to have him in my life and just can’t wait to pick him up on Monday. BB, you’re going to be so obsessed with your dad. He’s just the best.


You’re getting so strong baby Finn Finn!! I can now feel your entire body move and not just little bursts. It’s getting tighter in there.

Food cravings

Pierogies and sausages.

Labour signs: No.

Ab cramping has been happening on and off. It scared me a bit when it woke me up one night, and I had a hard time walking home last night because they were sore. It happens when I workout a lot.

Belly button in or out?

In but it’s on it’s way out.

Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or moody most of the time:

Emotional. Happy, grateful, tired and all over the place at times.

Looking forward to:

Booked a campsite for Chris and I in June. Picking him up on Monday and we’re going for dinner after.


Week 24

Week 23 was packed with taking care of Squamish. We spent most of the week there, and officially handed it over!

How far along?

Exactly 24 weeks!!! Officially in my 6th month.

Maternity clothes?

Reitman’s trousers, old Navy stretchy dresses and doc Martens sandals are still my go to. And my polka dot dress from Zara.

Stretch marks?

Nope! Fingers crossed this lasts.


Deep sleeps. Surrounding myself with pillows so I don’t sleep on my back. I’m starting to feel Finn’s weight a bit when I’m on my back.

Best moment this week

Art Gallery with Monika, wedding dress shopping for Gillian, catch up drinks at Colony, meeting Eddie 😍, shopping with mom, winning a Bay gift pack at the baby shower event, instant pot recipes and a four day weekend. Also met with the new family doctor and he seems great.

Miss anything?

My body has changed a lot this week once again. Abs are stretching and I’m getting a lot slower. It feels strange not being able to do the activities I usually do.


Tons! I was lying flat with my stomach relaxed the other night, and Chris poked Finn and he poked back. We did that a few times and it was so cool.

Food cravings

Limeade. This is Chris’ son! I’m usually not a fan of sour things, but I’ve wanted limeade all week and can’t get enough! So not my usual tastes. Your dad is a sour fiend…

Labour signs: No.

Sore abs but that’s all.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or moody most of the time:

Moody this week. Super emotional and sad thinking about Chris leaving for 10 days even though I’m so excited for him. He’s going to have the best time in Europe!

Looking forward to:

Catch up brunch with Gillian and Anna, and Jasmine’s going away party this weekend. Our beautiful bathroom!

Week 22 Bump Update

I wish I had started these entries earlier in my pregnancy, but better now than never!

How far along?

22 weeks and 3 days. Cannot believe I’m over half way through this pregnancy!!! The thought of having to give birth is definitely starting to feel more real and I’m nervous tbh. I’ve also been a little emotional this week and have started to mourn the life that’s just Chris and I. Baby, if you’re reading this, we’re SO excited to have you in our lives and this is just part of my emotional state! Your dad and I just have a really fun life together.

Maternity clothes?

I popped at week 20 and my trousers no longer fit. I had to live for a week with no work pants because everything is online now! Luckily, I went to Reitman’s with Monica and picked up a pair of stretchy trousers that are AMAZING. Hoping they’ll last my entire pregnancy. Also just ordered maternity dresses from Old Navy. Fingers crossed.

Stretch marks? Nope. Have been using body oil and hoping I’ll keep them away.


Restless unless Chris is around. I wake up a couple times throughout out the night and I’ve never been like this. Usually, I hit the pillow, fall asleep within ten minutes and am out. I haven’t had any issues with bathroom breaks throughout the night though. Thanks big bladder!


Running is getting harder. Walk 5k a day, NTC workouts, yoga twice a week when I can, and swimming on Mondays.

Best moment this week

Sister time this weekend, Easter brunch with the girls, and getting to spend time with Nicole and Collin at 303. And tiling.

Miss anything? Beer and red wine!!! I really miss it! And margaritas. I really want one. During the first trimester, I didn’t want to go near alcohol but now it’s different.


Our wild child is so active! He has been chill the last couple days, but usually he’s moving a ton at night and right after I eat. Chris has felt him move a lot as well. He usually gets really calm when Chris is around though.

Food cravings

Nothing anymore. It used to be kimchi, canned fruit, and all Asian food. I still want pineapple which is weird because I didn’t like it before, but nothing else stands out. My sweet tooth has come back unfortunately. It was gone for most of the first trimester.

Labour signs: No.
Symptoms: Belly is growing by the hour.
Belly button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time:

Moody! But mostly happy.

Looking forward to: Won tickets to a big baby shower at Metrotown on Thursday! Going with Chris and hopefully we’ll win something good!


Oh my bump. I wanted it for SO long and it’s funny looking back on what I thought was a big bump before…I get why people made fun of me now.

This was a bump for me back then.

This was BB’s first concert and a swear I felt him move! Chris bought tickets to Beirut for my birthday and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. We were in awe. These trousers were starting to get pretty tight, and when I was leaning over squishing my belly, I felt my first flutter. You liked the music baby!

The same day Gillian and I got street style snapped!

Starting to pop a bit…also sunglasses inside, I’m sorry.

Last week of wearing these pants!

Then practically overnight, there you were! I started feeling you kick a lot at this point. It was also the week of our ultrasound and it was absolutely magical getting to see you. Our wild child!!! You wouldn’t stop moving during the appointment. I was convinced you were a girl and when we saw you were a boy, it definitely took me by surprise. And now I just can’t wait! Have had to rethink my outfit plans though. We went to Vandusen after to celebrate.

And got rain or shine.

Then overnight, my pants stopped fitting and I had to raid Chris’ closet. I feel like I’ll be wearing this linen shirt a lot over the next couple months.

I’m currently in a stage we’re I’m trying to figure out how to style this new bod. Finally found pants from Reitman’s today (thanks Monica) and I’m so excited!!!

One Moose Town Baby

Hey Baby! This post is for you.

We found out about you in Squamish after a long ski day. It was our first month trying and even though we knew the chances were slim, we had both been excited and anxious for two weeks waiting to see what was possible. That day I knew something was different. We went straight from the mountain to Dollarama for a test, then rushed home to take it. I was SO nervous and wasn’t expecting anything, but then we saw that faint little pink line. We were both in blissful shock. And I cried because I was so happy.

After that, we made our way back to Vancouver for Ella’s annual Christmas party. We were so giddy! The second I saw my friends, I knew I’d have the worst time attempting to contain my excitement. I was drinking a can of beer filled with water, when Monica came up asking if I wanted some wine. I looked at her in a weird way, and she knew something was up. Then Gillian came over and she also knew right away that I was hiding something and kept asking what was up. So I whispered it to them and they both screamed. We ran to the bathroom together and I told them everything and it was the best moment. They say you should keep it quiet for the first trimester, but I lasted two hours. I find it impossible to keep something that big from friends and family. After that, Will saw me fill my can up with water so it was all out haha! We told our parents the next day, then ended up telling everyone at Baker because I just didn’t like faking things. We knew the risk, but I’d rather have the support if I needed it and not have to go it alone.

The next few weeks passed by in a state of worry about losing you, and excitement because I loved you so much already. It has been the most magical time getting to carry you around with me everywhere. My little friend 🙂 Now that I’m at 21 weeks and can feel you, it’s definitely more real from the outside, but I felt a connection with you from the very beginning.

Also, I have had such a wonderful pregnancy. The worst part of the first trimester was fatigue, but I never had to deal with morning sickness. Just a little bit of nausea here and there. And chicken!!! I couldn’t eat chicken for months but it’s okay now.

One Moose Wedding

Hello little blog! It has been way too long. I found my way back to you while trying to “wedding plan” which consists of scrolling through Pinterest for hours and crying over wedding videos. One Moose Town is getting married.

The whole wedding thing is SO overwhelming and everyone has an opinion. It’s especially difficult because I’ve never really thought about my wedding day. I may start blogging the journey just to see how it all goes. At least there are other procrastinators out there!

Progress so far:

  1. Venue has been booked (I have second thoughts  about it but oh well. Time to commit)
  2. Got my dress.
  3. That’s it..but I do want the space to look like this:



Toronto Summers.

Toronto summers are pretty special and I’m starting to understand how people can just forget about those ridiculous winters once they’re in this heat. It’s strange because it just feels like the minute the last frost melts away, everything wakes up again. People crawl out of their hibernation holes, flowers start blooming, the patios open up, and street festivals pop up everywhere. I haven’t blogged all summer, so here’s a little recap of the summer so far!


^^ Did the Nike Women’s 15K which was so much fun even though I couldn’t convince anyone to do it with me. It was an amazing experience–awkward photos and all!^^

11328874_10153254526750020_1738842557_n 11541141_10153254526830020_12138140_n

^^Clam caesars (ew) and lake swims with Miss Bennington^^


^^Getting to see Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Southpaw premiere. They introduced the movie and watched it with us in the theater…so cool. Thanks for the tickets Adrienne!^^


20150620_194113 20150620_194102

^^Watching a Toronto vs. New York soccer game because Chris got free tickets through work ^^


^^The Scarborough Bluffs^^

20150626_123050 20150709_095011

^^Potluck at work.^^


^^What we do at parks on Sunday nights^^20150606_16304411780548_10101434599318471_545135054_n20150710_225119 20150710_211756

^^Panam fireworks and beach volleyball games^^

Life was good until I did this to myself during a soccer game:


At least now I understand why you’re always told to stretch before you play sports. 20150722_113822

^^I’m very good at feeling sorry for myself and this is my current state. But things aren’t so bad because I have discovered that Chris can make really pretty fruit bowls^^

So that was my summer recap so far! Hopefully I won’t be gimp for too long because we still have so many things to cross off the Toronto list 😦