One Moose Wedding

Hello little blog! It has been way too long. I found my way back to you while trying to “wedding plan” which consists of scrolling through Pinterest for hours and crying over wedding videos. One Moose Town is getting married.

The whole wedding thing is SO overwhelming and everyone has an opinion. It’s especially difficult because I’ve never really thought about my wedding day. I may start blogging the journey just to see how it all goes. At least there are other procrastinators out there!

Progress so far:

  1. Venue has been booked (I have second thoughts  about it but oh well. Time to commit)
  2. Got my dress.
  3. That’s it..but I do want the space to look like this:




Toronto Summers.

Toronto summers are pretty special and I’m starting to understand how people can just forget about those ridiculous winters once they’re in this heat. It’s strange because it just feels like the minute the last frost melts away, everything wakes up again. People crawl out of their hibernation holes, flowers start blooming, the patios open up, and street festivals pop up everywhere. I haven’t blogged all summer, so here’s a little recap of the summer so far!


^^ Did the Nike Women’s 15K which was so much fun even though I couldn’t convince anyone to do it with me. It was an amazing experience–awkward photos and all!^^

11328874_10153254526750020_1738842557_n 11541141_10153254526830020_12138140_n

^^Clam caesars (ew) and lake swims with Miss Bennington^^


^^Getting to see Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Southpaw premiere. They introduced the movie and watched it with us in the theater…so cool. Thanks for the tickets Adrienne!^^


20150620_194113 20150620_194102

^^Watching a Toronto vs. New York soccer game because Chris got free tickets through work ^^


^^The Scarborough Bluffs^^

20150626_123050 20150709_095011

^^Potluck at work.^^


^^What we do at parks on Sunday nights^^20150606_16304411780548_10101434599318471_545135054_n20150710_225119 20150710_211756

^^Panam fireworks and beach volleyball games^^

Life was good until I did this to myself during a soccer game:


At least now I understand why you’re always told to stretch before you play sports. 20150722_113822

^^I’m very good at feeling sorry for myself and this is my current state. But things aren’t so bad because I have discovered that Chris can make really pretty fruit bowls^^

So that was my summer recap so far! Hopefully I won’t be gimp for too long because we still have so many things to cross off the Toronto list 😦


After Chris’ work week (and my lazy lounge week), we decided to stay for an extra couple days so that we could explore other parts of Chile. We were originally planning to head up into the mountains to hike and seek out hot springs, but Chris’ coworker told us about a surf town just south of Chile that sounded too good to pass up. So we rented a car, grabbed piles of maps, and worked our way towards Pichilemu Natural Surf Lodge.

Pichilemu was just wonderful and the best people live there. Surf towns are always home to the happiest people and I’m so glad we chose to go there. We had such a memorable weekend and the highlight for me was getting a surf lesson from the guy that ran our lodge, and a girl from Easter Island (she was an amazing surfer). It felt so good to back in the ocean!

11798542_10101434547292731_815927438_n 11805881_10101434547167981_1763449114_n 11798535_10101434547093131_976688965_n


A little over a month ago, Chris and I got to go on a very random and last minute trip. We were hanging out at our house one Saturday morning when Chris got a phone call asking if he could fill in for a business trip to Santiago…the only catch was that he would have to leave the next day. We had plans for the following week, so he asked if I could come along and they said yes! It was all so last minute that we didn’t even get a chance to tell many people that we were going. We found out Saturday and flew out Sunday evening! So fun.

^^My trusty rolley bag (found in a Perth alley) got to come along for the ride^^

Santiago is busy, vibrant, and modern. It kind of felt like Toronto with a South American twist.

20150526_095649 20150526_104000 20150526_142307

We stayed in a hotel that was right on the canal which was surrounded by beautiful parks. Chris had to work during the day (he even had to visit site for two days) so I spent my time walking all over the city, reading in parks, stopping at the cutest cafe’s I could find, and going to any art gallery I stumbled upon. Exploring the city felt safe enough on my own, but by the end of the week, I was getting tired of sticking out so much–There aren’t many tall blonde people that don’t speak a word of Spanish in Santiago.


^^The sculpture park^^


20150526_144350 20150526_143135 20150526_142430


I thought the architecture was beautiful with a perfect blend of the new and old.

20150526_152546 20150526_152623 20150527_165124

Our evenings were spent drinking pisco sours and eating lots of seafood at the restaurants downtown. We ate very well!

New York.

Some more pictures from New York! This is a very lazy post because I couldn’t get the pictures to align properly…oh well. Some highlights from the trip: going to Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera with Isabelle, walking the high line, visiting Winnie the Pooh and friends, the MOMA, getting free tickets to David Letterman with Scarlet Johansson, IP’s bday party, Central Park naps, Brooklyn Bridge at sunset…it was such a good trip. That city is just amazing.

20150422_104440 20150422_195237 20150423_162053    20150425_114355 20150425_114623  20150425_121639 20150425_131152 20150425_18220820150425_13432720150423_164206   20150425_195510 20150425_195534


20150425_200117 20150425_200211 20150426_135822   20150424_135104 20150425_120434 20150427_134634 20150427_15290220150427_124742 20150426_145450 20150426_142724


I 8 New York.

Right after my last exam (this was back in April), I took off to New York to eat, explore, and catch up with my globe trotting friend– Miss Plessis. It was my first time and I just couldn’t get over how incredible that city was! Thanks to all the romantic comedies I watch (cla$$y) and blogs I read, it felt familiar but it was still better than I ever could’ve imagined.

I was there for a little over a week and it was so much fun because my roommate had decided to go for a couple days as well. My first day in NY was spent catching up with Isabelle in Central Park, drinking Prosecco in the art galleries, and going to my first American baseball game. We bailed early on the game though because baseball gets so boring after an hour! Sorry Mon…

Anyways, this post will be dedicated to the food that we ate in New York.

The first thing that I ate was a bagel. Cliché, I know, but the bagels at Absolute Bagels were just too delicious.

20150425_102920 20150425_102925 20150426_124047

**I didn’t start taking pictures until Chris arrived a few days later, but I ate a bagel on my own in a park on my first day. I still feel a bit sorry for myself when I eat alone, but I’ve almost conquered that fear.

The next best thing we ate was the Neopolitan pizza at Juliana’s in Brooklyn. This pizza was by far the best that I have ever had–we still talk about it! The hot dog at the Mets game was disgusting though.

20150422_195237 20150422_194053 20150425_190552

Next, Magnolia Bakery cake which we ate in Washington Square Park.

20150425_123530 20150425_125420 20150425_130659

The cake, even though it was pretty, was dry and so not worth it (that smile was fake). The jazz in the background made the experience worth it though.

There was also Shake Shack, Doughnut Plant, and The Halal Guys

20150423_182751 20150426_183410 20150427_150752

Shake Shack is so good and it’s worth the line–get the frozen custard and/or black and white milkshake. The Doughnut Plant was creative but overrated. For me, nothing beats Lee’s in Granville Island. But The Halal Guys were incredible. Such cheap street food with massive portions!

**I can’t stop laughing at that creepy picture of Chris with his halal. I need to take better pics.

And that’s what we ate in New York!

Lessons from a Canadian’s First Winter.

Well, we are in the positives now and I feel like I can safely say that I survived my first winter. I tutor international students and they often say that one of the hardest things about coming to Canada is having to deal with the cold. Because I’m Canadian, they’re usually surprised when I agree with them. That is until I start talking about this magical city on the coast that never gets dirty snow or cold weather.

Apologies are in order for my winter-fueled complaints about this city, but I did come out of it with a greater appreciation for the little things…like merino wool face covers, parkas, and the joy that comes with rain. Here is a list of my first winter lessons:

Lesson 1. Do not eat the snow.
imageIt may look perfectly white, fresh, and clean, but it will taste like car exhaust with a hint of oil. Sometimes I forget we’re in a big city when we explore in the ravine.

Lesson 2. One month will turn into 6. Or 7. Or 8.

After experiencing one day of weather that doesn’t hurt your face, you may think that you’re in the clear. But you’re not. Toronto likes to trick you with the weather and it will be sunny and hot one minute, then freezing cold with icy wind the next.

Lesson 3. Visitors make winter fun.

Lesson 4. So do birthdays.

I turned 25 this year and it had to be one of my favourite birthdays. Morning balloons, great friends, an Arctic snowstorm, an amazing brunch at the beaches house, and random art installations made my day.

We ended the day drinking expensive Scotch and smoking cheap cigars while listening to music on the porch until sunrise. Not a bad way to turn 25 🙂

Lesson 5. Go to jazz bars and drink too many pink cocktails.
The great thing about Toronto is that you have endless options for indoor entertainment. We have gone to our fair share of jazz bars and brew pubs this winter and they never disappoint!

Even though it made me grumpy because it went on forever, it wasn’t so bad. But I can’t wait for warm (humid) summer adventures!!!